Product Overview

Providing the healthcare industry with a molecular diagnostics test identification and policy management solution

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange is a molecular diagnostic (MDx) test identification and policy management solution that connects payers and labs to bring clarity to MDx testing. MDx tests are uniquely identified and cataloged using DEX Z-Code Identifiers – Change Healthcare’s unique and proprietary 5-character alpha-numeric codes assigned within the DEX Diagnostics Exchange.

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange includes three key components that empower payers, laboratories and physicians to help ensure the right diagnostics are provided at the right time:

1. Test Registry Module includes:

  • A catalog of unique Z-Code Identifiers for new and existing MDx tests.
  • Detailed information about MDx tests and the laboratories that perform them.
  • Specific details about the tests ordered, performed and the policies that apply.

2. Test Assessment Module includes:

  • A streamlined workflow allowing labs to share the necessary information about new MDx tests with payers to set and apply policy.
  • A framework that can be customized by each payer to include evidence criteria such as clinical and analytic validity, clinical utility and economic impact.
  • Vehicle for payers to evaluate supporting evidence for new MDx tests and to establish and communicate policy to labs.

3. Clinical Evidence Summaries include:

  • InterQual® Molecular Diagnostics evidence-based content.
  • Specific details about MDx test families including patient profiles, indications and clinical utility.
  • Evidentiary information to support coverage and policy decisions.

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange provides:

  • Precise MDx test identification
  • Transparency of payer policies for MDx tests
  • Access to information about MDx tests to support decision-making
  • Simplified claims processing

Access the DEX Diagnostics Exchange to register and view the test registry catalog.