Empowering payers to effectively manage their molecular diagnostics program

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange provides the tools payers need to effectively manage their molecular diagnostics (MDx) program to help reduce costs and ensure test appropriateness. Through the uniquely identification of MDx tests, payers gain visibility into what they are being asked to pay for. They are also able to accurately apply existing policy determinations to test claims to help ensure test appropriateness.

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange empowers payers to:

  • Precisely identify MDx tests by utilizing Change Healthcare’s unique and proprietary DEX Z-Code Identifier and cataloging the test information.
  • Reduce both medical and administrative costs. Reduce medical costs for unnecessary or miscoded tests and manage administrative costs by reducing the manual review of MDx claims.
  • Create transparency allowing payers to view information about the specific MDx test performed and giving labs visibility into coverage determinations.
  • Use a workflow for test assessments based on each payer’s specific criteria enabling labs to submit the appropriate material to payers. Payers can then create a new medical policy determination or apply the existing rule.

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