Allows laboratories to differentiate their molecular diagnostic tests and helps secure reliable reimbursements

Rapid growth within the advanced diagnostics industry provides great opportunities for labs but labs need a way to differentiate their tests. Laboratories might make investments in test development and in proving clinical utility but with no way to clearly communicate to payers why and how their test is unique, the lab can’t benefit from their investments. Uniquely identifying MDx tests using Change Healthcare’s proprietary DEX Z-Code Identifiers gives labs the ability to differentiate their test and to communicate specifics about the test to customers and prospects. The DEX Diagnostics Exchange also helps laboratories secure reliable reimbursements by giving labs visibility into payer policy and by providing the unique identifier to include in the MDx test claim.

The DEX Diagnostics Exchange allows labs to:

  • Uniquely identify and differentiate specific MDx tests by utilizing the Z-Code Identifier and cataloging the test information. This provides a way to distinguish the efficacy of a lab’s tests from other labs and educates existing and prospective customers on the value of a test.
  • Communicate the specific test performed on claims to payers to help them reduce rejections and denials.
  • Gain visibility into payer policy and coverage decisions to empower labs and providers to select the best course of care for their patients.
  • Utilize a workflow to submit coverage determination requests to payers based on each payer’s specific criteria letting labs provide all supporting evidence necessary for a positive determination.

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